As we are dealing in the business since many years, we are able to provide a:


You can purchase this service in the same time than your purchase or you can send us your Stock and Bonds for the authentication.

You will get a 3 pages certificate.

  • Page 1- You will find a small picture of the bond with the complete name and serial number. Also it came with an embossed seal and certificate number.
  • Page 2- You will find a bigger picture of the recto and the embossed seal.
  • Page 3- You will find a bigger picture of the verso and the embossed seal.

After studies of a document, TGN may certify that, after a comparative examination of the paper, printing methods and signature, it is a genuine document. TGN bases its analysis on more than 25 years of experience in the field of currency, bank notes and bonds of any country. This authentication certifies that the document is a genuine historical material according to our knowledge as a dealer and collector. We do not provide an opinion as to any potential negotiable value whatsoever.